Herco, the largest Brazilian risk consultancy, changes its name to RCG Powered by Herco

With operations in eleven countries, the company intends to further expand its visibility and conquer new markets

One of the main risk and loss control consultancies in the country has a new face. As of this Friday, the 14th, Herco will sign RCG Powered by Herco. The acronym is an abbreviation of Risk Consulting Group and represents a significant change for the company, which already has global operations.

“This is an important movement for the consolidation of the company in the five continents. Our risk consulting nature will be maintained, as well as the expertise and efficiency we have achieved, but the repositioning linked to the name RCG Powered by Herco reaffirms our internationalization and tends to attract potential clients in other markets”, he explains. Jorge Luzzi, Executive President of RCG. The change aims to highlight the brand and highlight it as the best option for all times when the market feels the need to hire Risk Management, Insurance, Logistics and Transport services, in addition to Security & Cyber, Natural Catastrophes, Enterprise Risk Management and terrorism via Brokerslink.

For the executive, risk consulting is a fundamental element for companies, especially when it follows an effective, continuous and integrated method. In RCG, this method is based on four pillars: identification of risks, analysis and evaluation of them and, finally, treatment. “The result of this process is safety, after all, by improving the physical and material safety of the client, the probability of an accident occurring is significantly reduced and, even if it does, the damage will certainly be mitigated”, says Luzzi.

Solidity, trust and innovation

Pioneer in the segment in Brazil, the consultancy was founded in 1971, in Blumenau, with the purpose of meeting the specific demands of the textile industry. In 2013, the brand began its expansion to other continents and is currently present in eleven countries with clients belonging to different sectors of the world economy.

Versatility is also part of RCG’s foundations: although risk profiles around the world vary, the brand keeps an eye on innovation and the constant evolution of the market. The attention to such factors, added to the operating experience, allows the company to expand its range of coverage and develop structured management programs tailored to each client. “RCG has a portfolio of solutions that can serve any company anywhere on the planet with efficiency, proximity, solidity and confidence. It is a consultancy made to add up, which thinks about strategies and solutions that protect goods, reputations and people”, concludes Jorge Luzzi.

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