With over half a century of global operation, RCG Powered by Herco has an international presence with direct operations in 30 countries.

Global Presence and Local Expertise

+30 countries with direct presence

We support organizations worldwide to better understand the impact of the risks they are exposed to and to implement a Risk Management Program tailored to their needs, from proper identification and analysis to risk mitigation and financing.

Our Units

Trust and Partnership

Want to know why we are a reliable partner? Get to knowour Quality Policies!

To always guarantee the best service to our clients, all projects are executed according to the procedures given in the Quality Management System of RCG Powered by Herco, which is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 standard.

In addition, we strictly adhere to our Commitments:

Meet the needs and expectations of our customers;

Critically analyze the QMS at appropriate intervals;

Promote infrastructure improvements to preserve the services offered to customers;

Encourage continuous training of internal staff;

Monitor services to promote reliability for customers and stakeholders.

Competitive advantages for our clients

In addition to being a unique model of excellence in Strategic Risk Management, Risk Analysis, Loss Control, and Implementation of Risk Engineering Programs, we value comprehensive and practical work that offers competitive advantages for our clients.

Here are some of them:

Risk mapping and its impacts, with the elaboration of treatment priorities (probability of occurrence versus severity of loss);

Measurement of losses;

Optimization of investments;

Reduction and/or inhibition of potential events capable of causing damage to the environment, people, and property;

Reduction of property, tax, economic, image and reputation, and productivity losses; Market differentiation;

Market differentiation;

Structuring of Insurance Policies and Risk Management;

Business Continuity Plans.