Our robust portfolio is developed to meet the needs of our clients and, above all, to prevent non-compliances with legal requirements, ensuring greater safety and protection throughout the lifecycle of your business.

Who Do We Work With?

We work with all types of businesses that have significant assets and are looking for opportunities for improvement to comply with regulations and/or manage their risks, either through anticipation or resolution.

If your business has had any recent losses or interventions, don’t waste any time and find out how we can help you.

Areas In Which We Operate

With What Do We Operate?

RCG Powered by Herco provides worldwide services for various industry segments, with a focus on understanding each client’s risks to assist in the decision-making process and promote safe and sustainable business growth.

Our team has extensive experience and a high level of local market knowledge, operating in all stages of risk management.

Get to know our specialties:

Successful Cases


Risk Inspection in Insurance - Metallurgical Industry

With a well executed Risk Management Program well executed and focused in analysis and mitigation it was possible to reduce 23% ofthe policy value of a company fromthe metallurgical metallurgic segment. Another important point to highlight, which brought invaluable value, wasthe improvement in the safety of the facilities and the implementation of a risk management culture.

Enterprise Risk Management – Food Industry

After a multinational failed to put the Risk of Property Risk risk in the country’s insurance market, because of the high claims rate due to fires, RCG Powered by Herco fperformed a complete risk assessment,implemented a management manual based on technical standards, and calculated the total risks. As a result, the company was able to obtain risk acceptance in the first year of implementation and reduce the premium value by R$4,000,000.00 upon renewal.

Transportation & Logistics - Paper Industry

With a high number of losses due to theft, accidents, and damages during transportation, the company hired RCG Powered by Herco to conduct a Risk Management Program,as well as to develop and implement an electronic checklist for remote verification of vehicle conditions prior to loading. This way, the company was able to achieve a significant drop in theft, accident, and damage rates, which consequently reduced losses and helped to better place risks in the insurance market.